Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cissy in Blue

I originally posted this on my Joysweb blog, as part of Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme. As I said there, I've pretty much run out of blue decor around this place. Except for the dolls. Quite a few of those have some very nice blue outfits. So I might start sharing photos and stories about the Blue Girls in my collection.

I'll start today with one of my own childhood dolls; in fact, I believe she was my last Christmas doll, back in – well, way back there. I was about eleven that year, and had long since abandoned the notion that all those dolls came from Santa's workshop. But I still loved dolls, and always got a "nice" one at Christmas. And the Madame Alexander "Cissy" dolls were about as nice as they came. Sorry about the lighting – I did this in a rush this morning. And also, please ignore the ribbons around her ankles – it's not some sort of dolly bondage thing; she's just a heavy doll and doesn't stand well in those high heel shoes without help.

Isn't she pretty? Like all the Cissy dolls, she's about 21 inches tall and made of vinyl. Her outfit is a bit unusual – I've never really seen it documented in any of the doll reference books. But I've found similar outfits on "store special" dolls from the period, and I believe she may have been one of those dolls specially designed for a department store at Christmas time. For some reason, I never thought to ask my mother just where Cissy came from.

But even though she was a Christmas doll, I've always thought of her as sort of "springy." She's wearing a blue felt topcoat, with a yellow silk scarf around her neck. But her blue straw hat with pink flower trim (and tiny blue hatpin) is definitely a spring-ish item. And underneath the coat, she has on a blue velveteen jumper over a pink silky blouse with pussycat bow at the neckline. Doesn't she look like she's all ready to join the cast of "Mad Men"?

And here's a close-up of the little "diamond" trimmed watch attached to her waistline.

By the time I received Cissy, I was already collecting dolls more than I was playing with them, so she's remained fairly pristine. She was a great comfort to me that Christmas because my father had just died during the summer, and I was still feeling a little bewildered and abandoned. I think I saw her as a bit of reassurance that childhood wasn't completely at an end just yet. Over the years, I've collected several more Cissy dolls, but she'll always be my favorite.

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